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Streamline your Training with Team2Team

Keeping your team abreast of new products, procedures or regulations is vital to your success. However, traditional training can be costly, if you need to gather team members together in a classroom setting. With Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing your employees can receive the training they need without ever leaving their workstation. Through virtual classrooms overall productivity is improved and the cost of training is significantly reduced. Web based training enables you to reach out to your employees, customers and partners in real time from any location.

Benefits to your Training Teams

Improve Employee Training Programs. Reduce Training Costs.
With Team2Team’s Conference On-Demand, you can provide training to your team members regardless of their location. Gone are the days of scheduling meeting space and flying employees in or making expensive videos of sessions. Thanks to Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing your employees can participate in live online training sessions. And if someone misses the live training, you can record it for later them to view at a later time.

Improve Employee Certification and Compliance Training Programs.
Maintaining certifications and compliance can be very costly. Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing allows you to conduct regular sessions on important industry topics for very little cost. You can create your own pre-recoded training modules, complete with online testing. Your employees can view these sessions as their schedules permit, reducing downtime and improving productivity.

Improve Training for Customers and Partners. Stay Ahead of Your Competition.
Your best customers may be your competitor’s best prospects. With Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing, you can provide your customers with the most up-to-date training available on your products or services. By regularly staying in contact with your client base and providing them with the training they need, you can maintain solid relationships with your customers and keep your competitors at bay.

Above all, you can use Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing with your existing training applications - so you don't have to change your systems in order to immediately experience the benefits of web conferencing.



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