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Stay Ahead of the Competition with Team2Team

Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing can really jumpstart your sales initiatives. Not only can you reduce costs associated with travel, but also you can bring your whole team into a meeting with a client to address different aspects of the sale – from marketing and design to manufacturing and shipping. Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing lets you bring resources to the table that would otherwise be difficult to duplicate through a traditional sales call.

Benefits to your Sales Team

Increase Reach. Reduce Cost of Sales.
Engaging prospects and turning them into customers can be a long, drawn out process. Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing can reduce the sales cycle by allowing sales staff to interact with your prospects instantly, conducting online product demonstrations, corporate capability presentations, web tours or design sessions in real time without leaving the office. An added benefit: these meetings can be conducted individually or in groups. With Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing you can not only reach more prospects and customers, but also engage them instantly and interactively.

Increase Customer Loyalty.
Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing allows your sales team to stay in touch with your customers more frequently. This leads to additional sales opportunities, and it improves customer loyalty. Rather than seeing their account executive once in a while in person, your customer can interact with them on a regular basis at their convenience. Resistance can be overcome faster. Decision-makers can be engaged more quickly. And sales can be made and serviced in a shorter timeframe.

Increase Sales Efficiency
As they say, time is money. Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing allows you to respond to leads while they are still hot. It also allows you to bring all your resources to bear on an important sale; your entire team can meet virtually with your client. Building and maintaining strong customer relationships through frequent online meetings and responding faster to your customer’s needs is invaluable in today’s competitive marketplace. Best of all, Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing integrates with your existing sales applications, like Sales Force Automation (SFA) applications, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications – so you don't have to change your systems in order to start realizing these benefits.

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