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Strengthen your Brand with Team2Team.

Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing can expand your marketing efforts dramatically. With real-time conferencing via the web you can stay in contact with your customers, generate leads faster, receive valuable feedback and increase brand loyalty. Team2Team’s collaboration tools allow you to quickly gauge changes in the market and to quickly make adjustments to your marketing initiatives.

Benefits to your Marketing Teams

Increase Demand. Reduce Cost per Lead.
Team2Team’s Conference On-Demand allows you to conduct seminars and events online at a fraction of the cost of a meeting space in a hotel or conference center. Not only can you reach your customers more quickly and at their convenience, but also you can send highly qualified leads directly to your sales team for follow-up in hours rather than days or weeks.

Increase Brand Awareness.
Increasingly the media, analysts and industry watchers are using the Internet to stay informed. Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing allows you to conduct online briefings and meetings with these key audiences. You can walk them through presentations, do product demonstrations and field questions instantly – all without spending a nickel on travel. Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing allows you to stay “top of mind” in key markets.

Better Products. Faster Time-to-Market.
Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing provides you with critical feedback and customer input which helps you maintain the competitive edge in the marketplace. Results and information is fed to you in real time, allowing you to act on customer requests and suggestions. An added bonus: Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing allows your marketing team to meet with your external vendors – designers, writers, ad agencies, etc. – so everyone has the same information at the same time.

Improve Brand Loyalty. Increase Customer Satisfaction.
You can build and maintain customer relationships by conducting frequent online customer seminars, training, meetings, surveys, and focus group studies – without incurring the expense and hassle of bringing a large group of people together in one physical location.
Best of all, you can integrate Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing directly into your existing marketing applications and processes, allowing your marketing team to take advantage of web conferencing instantly.

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