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Engage your Remote Employees.

With Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing, you can communicate with your employees instantly, no matter where they are. This is particularly useful for organizations that have satellite operations or remote facilities. Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing gets your teams all on the same page so they can operate effectively with the latest information. And it dramatically reduces costs related to travel and downtime.

Benefits to your Employees

Increase Employee Productivity. Reduce Costs.
Time is precious in a busy work environment, however, your employees still need to get important messages, learn about new initiatives or campaigns, be briefed about new trends and share vital information. With Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing your employees from the comfort of their own workstations can attend important HR meetings - virtually. By conducting live meetings online, you can rapidly distribute important data to everyone at once using sophisticated presentation tools such as electronic whiteboards and shared sessions.

Improve Communication. Reduce Confusion.
Insuring everyone gets the same message has always been a challenge in business. With Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing, you can be sure everyone gets the information they need. Is feedback from your employee’s important to your HR team? With Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing your employees and remote teams can provide you with instant feedback, share additional ideas and bring new information to the table, all in real time.

Increase Employee Satisfaction. Improve Employee Self-Service.
Keeping employees abreast of their benefits can be a daunting undertaking for your Human Resources team. With Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing, remotely located employees can get the same employee benefit information your main office employees receive – all in real time. This is particularly useful during the annual enrollment periods when employees need to make informed decisions regarding their benefit packages.

Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing integrates seamlessly with your existing Human Resources and Learning Management applications so you don’t have to change your existing systems or alter your business practices to start enjoying the benefits of Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing.

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