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Superior Customer Service On Demand

Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing is an ideal tool for creating and maintaining positive customer relationships. With real time collaboration tools such as white boards, screen and application sharing and recording features, Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing can dramatically improve the quality and timeliness of customer service and support departments. The result: increased customer satisfaction, reduced problem resolution timeframes, decreased per problem costs and increased competitive differentiation.

Benefits to your Customer Service Operations

Increase Responsiveness. Reduce Problem Resolution Time.
Using Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing you can view your customer’s system configuration, assist with downloading patches and software, ensure application properties are properly configured and troubleshoot customer problems in real time.

Improve Customer Self-Service. Reduce Costs.
Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing allows you to train customers with visually rich recorded modules that walk them through an installation process, changing settings, troubleshooting or resolving problems. This frees up your customer service staff to focus on the less common problems, reducing support costs while maximizing your resources.

Improve Customer Satisfaction. Differentiate your Service Offering.
Build and improve customer relationships by conducting frequent online customer training, surveys and focus group studies in order to improve your products, services and customer service offerings.

Best of all, you can integrate Team2Team On Demand Web Conferencing into your existing customer service and support applications, so you don’t have to change your business operations to start realizing the benefits of web conferencing.

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