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Using Team2Team’s On Demand Web Conferencing.

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Starting a Meeting

Hosting a Team2Team On Demand Web Conference is easy. After you have created a meeting from your Team2Team home page, simply have your guests/attendees follow these steps:

  1. Have your guests/attendees point their Microsoft Internet Explorer browser to your Team2Team home page.
  2. Once your guests/attendees have navigated to your Team2Team home page, have them enter the Conference ID for the meeting you created. It appears on the top left side of the On-Demand console. If you optionally password protected your meeting by creating a Conference Key, make sure your attendees enter the Conference Key for your meeting.
  3. Start your meeting at the designated time.
  4. Once your attendees have joined your meeting, theTeam2Team meeting console will appear at the top of their screen.
  5. When all of your attendees have joined your meeting (you can view the attendee list via a drop down list box on your Team2Team console), you may now share your desktop with the attendees, and they will see what you see.

There are four choices:

  • Co-Browse: this is generally used for browsing the web.
  • Document Presentation: this mode renders previously uploaded Microsoft documents as web content that can be viewed and shared with your attendees.
  • Whiteboard Mode: best when used to diagramming or troubleshooting.
  • Desktop Sharing: can be used to sharing applications, documents or desktops.
    • When Desktop Sharing is selected, three new buttons appear:
      • The first button allows you to share an application
      • The second button allows you to share a region on a desktop
      • The third button allows you to share an entire desktop

Running a Meeting

Whatever you select to share in a meeting appears in a “white” window on the attendee’s PC. You can grant shared control to an attendee by selecting that option from the attendee’s name in the drop down menu. This allows the attendee to move the cursor around the presenter’s desktop. Attendees can request shared control by clicking on the “mouse” icon just to the left of their drop down menu.

The presenter can hand the meeting off to any attendee by selecting the button next to the person’s name. Once selected to become the presenter, the attendee opens a new browsing mode and selects what he/she wants to share from the console. These options appear to the immediate right of the browsing mode selections.

Want to Learn More??

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Conferencing Glossary

An application used to browse the Web, like Microsoft Internet Explorer™

Team2Team Home Page
This is your custom Team2Team “splash” page we created when we set up your account. By navigating to this page from their browser, your guests can join meetings you host

Conference ID
Each meeting you host has a unique Conference ID. It appears on your screen in the top left corner of the meeting console

Conference Key
At your option you may decide to password protect your meeting by entering a Conference Key.  In addition to the Conference ID, your attendees will need the Conference key to join your meeting.




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