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Buth Systems and our sister companies have been partnered with Oracle for the last 10 years. During that time we've sold, configured and implemented a wide variety of Oracle e-Business Suite and Oracle Technology products. We focus all of our energy exclusively on Oracle products.

We started analyzing the hosted Web Conferencing market in 2002 as we began deploying Oracle's Collaboration Suite. We found Web Conferencing is rapidly becoming the next employee productivity tool. It's simple. With the right Web Conferencing solution companies are generating more revenue, reducing costs, providing timely customer service and making training more accessible and flexible.

In analyzing the existing Web Conferencing solutions we discovered most of these vendors had at least two of the following common complaints:

  • The solution is too expensive
  • The solution is too slow
  • The solution is unreliable
  • The solution is missing important functionality

By deploying Oracle's patented Real Time Collaboration (RTC) technology, we resolved the speed, reliability and missing functionality issues. Oracle supports over 55,000 internal users on one set of servers - RTC is mature, stable and truly an enterprise class solution.

We further enhanced the performance and the environmental stability of our solution by locating our servers in a state of the art facility - Internap Network Services Corporation's Seattle location. Internap is the industry leader in internet route control technology. Their patented route management technology allows our clients to bypass congestion points and avoid other difficulties that plague conventional Internet connectivity.

Finally, we addressed the pricing issue. We charge a flat monthly fee per user. A user is defined as the individual who initiates a Web Conference, and there is no limit to the number of conferences or the number of conference attendees. We do not charge for conference attendees, and we don't have any other hidden charges.

Our Web Conferencing solution is fast; it has the important functionality; it's stable and it's cost effective. Want us to prove it? Click here, and we will set you up with a free 30 day trial account.



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